The permanent and external staff of Idea O.K. constitutes the highly experienced team with significant and distinguished professional experience. Our Lean HR model enables us to maximize customer value in timely and highly professional manner. in the clients and partners’ organization and gain deep insight of the real operational and strategic potential for accomplishing your vision. We cooperate and co-create solutions tailored specifically for each partner and client, project or a programme.

Idea OK collaborates with an extensive number of external researchers, scientists as well as experts with variety, yet specialized, knowledge and experience.

Most of the external consultants collaborate with Idea OK on permanent basis while others are engaged based on case specific needs as well as undertaking of implementation of special projects. All experts have a university degree and at least five years of practical experience in their fields. Most of the experts engaged by Idea OK have either Master of arts or science (MA, MSc ) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

In order to deliver best value to our partners, Idea O.K. builds highly-experienced teams for different projects. The assigned team encompasses local and international expertise that can effectively cover the key subject areas on the assignment.

The teams of experts are consisted of proven professionals creating a diverse and combined experience and knowledge in the spheres of the Management Consulting and Organisational Development with strong background on integrated and tailor made learning and analyzing of legislation and policy processes.

Having an opportunity to work for your organization, the company has also recognized that it possesses diverse skills that may assist in accomplishing your goals and match your interest. They could also be seen as beneficial for your activities. Idea O.K. can bring a spirit of a team player, independent actor if required, follower of the policies and procedures, management practice, always utilizing analytical approach.

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We frequently engage experts under individual contracts to work on short and long-term projects as a consultants. Please use this form to send your inquiry, submit your portfolio or contact details.