Project design & management

Idea O.K. has an extensive know-how as well as a network of regional (SEE) and EU partners. We understand that the variety of funding possibilities requires a specialist attention and contribution in order to ensure the fundraising is allocated based on in-depth assessments of the needs, the implementation is methodological and with optimum resources. We allocate experienced staff with strong and specific know-how in your sector which is crucial in the process of fundraising. The fundraising process commences with assessment of requirement of the targeted call and development of partnership network should your organization shows such needs. The development of the application phase is conducted in cooperation with continuing updates on the progress. Furthermore, upon completion of the application and the necessary documentation, we guarantee submitting within the deadline. In the event of successful application, Idea O.K. can provide assortment project management solutions for smooth and stress-free implementation. All of them are based on and in compliance with the set rules and regulations of the specific programme. This will ensure a proper and timely budget spending, monitoring and quality assurance as well detailed narrative and financial reporting.

Strategic development & management

The strategic development and management team of Idea O.K. combines theoretical knowledge,practical management experience and extensive know-how of proven methodologies with aim to empower your team to tackle strategic challenges. The engagement of your team is the core of our approach. The assessment of your needs is the foundation of innovative and practical steps which you will take to reach the objectives of your organization. This approach assurances a sustainable success. Moreover, based on an in-depth market research, we can provide a strategy which is tailored to your capacities and on which your organization can take action. Idea O.K. has an extensive experience working with teams of community initiatives, start-up companies to large teams and organizations working towards developing, refining or redefining their long-term strategies.

Capacity Building & Knowledge Transfer

We deliver capital to our partners by provision of knowledge and know-how as well as linkages among the source and the end users of knowledge. We are a knowledge broker who is positioned between science, policy and decision makers. We see our capacity building and knowledge transfer as a two-way process. We also learn from you. This helps us to engage to develop our capacity building and training based on rigorous assessment of your knowledge and know-how in order to provide you with skills and competences for future endeavors. Idea O.K. is positioned between science and practice with aim of generating the most pertinent knowledge and the methodology for its transfer at national and international level.

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