Idea O.K. brings breadth and depth of experience and applies innovation for enhancing value in the following sectors.


Idea O.K. thrives in these changing times and turns our ambitions into reality. By cooperation with our partners towards a shared vision we prioritize our efforts in improving the education and training sector.

Our partners (clients) receive a highly transformative and high quality education and training experience with aim to allow them to realize their future endeavors. As a partner to national and local authorities as well as private and civil sector organizations, Idea O.K. embraces opportunities and challenges which contribute towards meaningful social impact.

Idea O.K. engages in pioneering projects which develop and integrate cutting-edge and creative innovations in educational and training sector. The projects we engage in enable development of disruptive thinkers with critical and entrepreneurial imagination with skills to anticipate future global challenges.

Our main focus is placed on development of disruptive approaches to enhancing Vocational Education Training (VET), Adult education as well as non-formal and informal education. In this direction, Idea O.K. provides reliable project development and implementation in the field of education and training, nationally and internationally. To this end, we have developed an extensive network of partners on international level in order to enhance the quality as well as the impact of the delivered results.

Additionally, as a consulting company, Idea O.K. engages in provision and support to business success through development of tailored made educational services. We provide innovative education and training as well as collaboration with industries, tertiary and vocational institutions, in knowledge sharing.


Idea O.K. engages in research and strives to provide ideas, new knowledge and sustainable results with aim to enhance the possibilities which lead to a change and make a real difference to people's lives.

We continually inspire our staff to engage in research which delivers greater knowledge and real impact. Our company supports development of interdisciplinary research projects, initiatives and networks based on needs in emerging areas.

The interdisciplinary team of Idea O.K. is the moving force of our research and development sector. The R&D team has strong links with renowned universities and research organizations in Europe and it has engaged in various collaborations.

We support and develop teams of researchers which will be recognized for delivering excellence. By focusing on ‘quality not quantity’ we define our work to bring impact and develop the skills and competencies in order to maximize the influence and impact on the society as a whole.

The R&D team of Idea O.K. can identify, develop and lead new business opportunities by embedding knowledge, creativity, and innovation in its methodology. This approach brings ideas to reality while maintaining the activities to be in line with the organizational vision and overarching strategy.


The rural areas remain in the focus of Idea O.K. as a main target of developmental interventions. Enhancing the capacities of micro, medium and large agricultural entrepreneurs as well as developing a diverse and enabling rural economy is indispensable for sustainable societies.

Idea O.K. approaches to rural development underline participation, empowerment and shared decision-making processes. We have cooperated with multiple donor agencies with aim of developing synergies and ensuring long-term sustainability for rural population and economic entities.

We have engaged with non-governmental organizations and grassroots initiatives as indispensible partners in any intervention. We bring these partners in a collaborative environment with local and national authorities in order to provide a synergetic and sustainable rural development.

Social Innovation is deployed as a need to remedy to market failures. Our approach supports enabling environment for enhancing a functional social capital in rural areas.

SMART Innovation is one of the latest components which Idea O.K. has developed in order to enhance the process of development of rural areas. We see ICT as crucial factor for use of traditional and knowledge based solutions for the benefit of rural communities and local rural economic entities.

Some of the services we offer are:


With our partners, we provide innovative educational solutions for continuous learning improvements, in order to meet the aspiring goals of executives and participants; we offer the platform to access a diverse range of courses and convenient locations at competitive prices.


International collaboration is the driving segment in maintaining our competitive edge and innovation in the process of tackling challenges with a national, regional and global nature.

We work towards enhancing our cooperation by joining networks, implement international projects or enhancing the capacities of our partner-clients from the private, public and civil sector, through building and advancing their capacities.

Our staff has experience in cooperating on national, regional and international projects financed by the European Commission, The World Bank, the United Nation Development Programme, USAID as well as other regional and international organizations.

With such networks and experience Idea O.K. is well-positioned for regional and international cooperation with reliable partners working in the wider fields of science, research as well as implementation of developmental projects.


Media development is the latest and the up-and-coming segment of our consultancy portfolio. The consultants have a strong background on integrated and tailor-made on-site and on-location training, mentoring and coaching as well as direct contribution to production, analyzing programming issues, legislation and policy procedures.

Idea O.K. is proud to offer consultancy and training in the following areas:

Our diverse Media Development Team is specialized and provides support through deep sector knowledge and mentorship rooted in practice in:

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